How much does it cost?

It depends on the package, however, for most customers a basic alarm system will cost on average between $1 and $1.50 per day with little to no upfront fees for equipment and installation.**

What happens if I move?

CSG offers a movers policy where if you move after 1 year of receiving service, we can transfer your service to a new location with a similar system installed at little to no cost to you.** 

What equipment will be installed?

We only use premium state-of-the-art equipment with brands like Honeywell, 2GIG, Alarm.com, DSC, just to name a few. Your sales representative will go over the equipment options available to you during the in-house consultation.

Will the company raise my rates after I sign up?

Most companies will reserve the right to raise rates at some point in the future. However, with CSG, you are contractually protected to never have to pay a higher rate than the one you sign up for. No secrets, no gimmicks. 

Will I receive any discount on my homeowners policy?

Most of our customers will receive a discount on their homeowners insurance policies once they have a monitored alarm system at their house. The discount varies depending on the insurance provider; however, many see between a 5-10% discount per year. 

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